Aim Global Scholarship Program - BIG BIG discounts (20%,50% up to 100%) on school tuition fees nationwide!
  • No Entrance Exam.
  • No Maintaining Grade.
  • No Age Limit.
  • No Expiration.
  • Anyone Can Avail.
  • Transferable - you can give it to anyone you know. 

Let's compute how much you will save after you avail of the Free Scholarship Program.

Let's say You or your son/daughter wanted to become an Programmer or IT specialist, so he/she will take the course 4 year BS Computer Science.

Assuming the tuition fee is P20,000 per semester. And let's say you got 50% discount.

P20,000 x 2 semester(in 1 school year there are 2 semesters) = P40,000 per school year

P40,000 x 4 years = P160,000 whole course

Now, Read carefully

50% of P160,000 is P80,000

P160,000(tuition whole course) - 50% discount(P80,000) = P80,000 (total tuition fee)

You SAVED BIG AMOUNT P80,000 on tuition fee -which you could use on other expenses.

or let's see how much you will save each month

50% of P20,000 = P10,000
From P20K per semester lessen into P10k per semester.- You will save p10k each month.

For assistance on how to avail the scholarship program just TEXT me at 09122298275 the following: 


Menchi Cruz/17/#21 Kawayan Street, Anonas, Quezon City
and send it to 09122298275